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What is William Reed AllSecure? 

William Reed has collaborated with association partners including the Association of Event Organisers to develop industry-wide All Secure standards.

William Reed AllSecure outlines how these measures and guidelines will be put in place, designed to provide the highest levels of hygiene and safety.

These practical steps allow exhibitions running to operate safely. They also give those attending Low2NoBev reassurance and confidence they are participating in an environment that is effectively controlled, safe and run according to official government and local authority guidance.

Read the William Reed AllSecure Exhibitor Guidelines

If you are an exhibitor or if you are planning to exhibit at the show please read the current William Reed AllSecure exhibitor guidelines. These guidelines are subject to change but should help you to start planning your participation in the show in a safe and secure way.



Social & Physical Distancing  
1 Social Distancing

Physical & Social Distancing will be managed in line with the latest government advice. The exchange of business data should be done electronically where possible.

2 Crowd Management

A new crowd management protocol will be put in place to ensure all areas of the venue comply to government guidance and are as safe as possible.

3 Visitor Flow

Visitor flow will be enhanced to ensure the maximum interaction in the safest environment.

4 Advanced Registration

Advanced registration, everyone will be encouraged to register in advance of the event to reduce queueing.

5 Food Sampling

Food & Drink Sampling all of our exhibitors will be adhering to local and government guidance and regarding food hygiene and safety.


Cleaning & Hygiene 
6 Deep Clean

Deep Clean by the venue prior to commencing build-up.

8 Hand sanitising

Hand sanitising stations will be provided throughout the event.

9 Exhibitors cleaning

Exhibitors will be encouraged to have their own sanitising stations on their stands. Exhibitors will also be encouraged to disinfect their respective stands and exhibits regularly throughout the event.

Protect & Detect 
10 Track and Trace

Track and trace, William Reed will work with the venue and local authorities to trace and contact participants at our events in line with the latest government advice.

11 Face coverings

Face coverings are currently compulsory within exhibition venues, in line with government guidance. These should be supplied by the individual.

12 symptoms

Do not attend the shows if you are displaying any of the COVID-19 symptoms -


13 Communication

Show website, emails and social media will display the most up to date information regarding the guidelines in place at the event.

14 Signage

Event signage will be prominently displayed around the event as a reminder of social distancing, visitor flow, PPE and personal hygiene.