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Across our live event features we aim to surprise you, to inspire you and to engage you with panel discussions and astute sessions highlighting key industry trends, progressive ideas and exceptional talents.

Our timetables will be live very shortly but, in the meantime, please take a look below for a sneak preview of some of our sessions and speakers taking place on The Stage or The Workshop over 3 eventful days:


Monday 26th September

Hospitality session @ The Stage 12.30
Fireside chat with Gareth Ward, Head Chef and Co-Owner, Ynyshir Restaurant and Rooms
Hosted by: Stefan Chomka, Editor, BigHospitality

Gareth Ward Website Image

How did a restaurant in the remote Welsh countryside scoop number one in the National Restaurant Awards? Find out direct from head chef and co-owner of Ynyshir Restaurant and Rooms, Gareth Ward, as he shares his journey from self-described “drop-out” to acclaimed restaurateur. Learn how he marries Japanese techniques to wild Welsh ingredients to create innovative tasting menus served up with flair (and two-Michelin stars).


Also taking place on Monday 26th September…


Days to remember: drive Low2No sales through special occasions, hosted by Daniel Woolfston, Food & Drink Editor, The Grocer.:
From Mother’s Day to Christmas, there’s plenty of scope to let special occasions leverage your Low2No sales. Come and hear who’s doing it well and stay for a signature cocktail from Mocktails, who are headlining Macmillan Cancer Support's 'Go Sober for October ' campaign.


Think drinks workshop with CGA – leaders in the drinks insight market, with Phil Montgomery, Director of Client Services, CGA. 
Pull up a bar-stool for instant insights into what customers need from your drinks offer in 2022. Market intelligence experts CGA will be serving up essential info on everything from Low2No to the latest trends. Hear from the experts how to tap into more profits by successfully navigating the post-pandemic market.



Tuesday 27th September

Low2No session @ The Workshop 11:00
Join the Lumina Intelligence team for sector insights
Hosted by: Katherine Prowse, Senior Insight Manager, Lumina Intelligence

Katherine Prowse

Join the Lumina Intelligence Menu Tracker session looking at a Low2No focus within the market. The session will use Lumina Intelligence’s brand new menu tracker tool to get under the skin of Low2No drinks offerings across pubs and restaurant menus, exploring price differences versus alcoholic beverages, share and growth on menus as well as NPD. Lumina Intelligence will also draw on its consumer research to reveal the latest in consumer attitudes to reducing alcohol consumption and how teetotal consumer behaviour in the eating out market differs to the average.

Also taking place on Tuesday 27th September…

Go for net zero with Simon Heppner, co-founder of Net Zero Now. 
Unlock a simple, credible and affordable route to Net Zero for your business with Net Zero Now. Co-founder Simon Heppner will explain the tools to calculate, reduce and compensate for your emissions while celebrating businesses already on their sustainable journey. With sustainability increasingly important to diners, join a global movement driving positive change. Join us with your questions, concerns and curiosity.

Beyond umami: meet kokumi – the 'sixth taste', with Rich Ford, Strategy Director, Sherlock. 
In this engaging session, we’ll explore the ‘sixth taste’ after sweet, sour, salty and bitter (and hot on the heels of umami). Learn about what it is, how to source and create it, and how to make the most of it on your menus.


Wednesday 28th September


Hospitality session @ The Workshop 11:00
Join the Lumina Intelligence team for sector insights
Hosted by: Flora Zwolinski, Senior Insight Manager, Lumina Intelligence

Flora Zwolinski

Lumina Intelligence’s Flora Zwolinski takes a deep dive into the impact of calorie labelling on the UK eating out market. This session uses Lumina intelligence’s Menu Tracker data to measure the increase in calorie labelling, the actions that operators are taking, and exploring what the consumer reaction to this will be.


Also taking place on Wednesday 28th September…

Lumina Intelligence Insight Report showcase.
Pub and Market Report Showcase - Lumina Intelligence looks to the future of the pub industry and shares exclusive headlines and insights from Lumina Intelligence’s newly published UK Pubs & Bars Market Report 2022. Sorcha particularly focuses on the market and consumer trends shaping the coming 12 months.

Clean drinking: alcohol-free wine masterclass with Chavin. 
Taste the difference as forward-looking French wine house Chavin bring their innovative spirit to non-alcoholic wine. Sample a glass yourself, listen and learn as the experts discuss aromatised versus non-aromatised varieties and savour a trend winning over wine connoisseurs around the world.

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