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Buoyed by surging sales, non-alcoholic drinks producers are getting more ambitious when it comes to NPD. At least if this month’s launches are anything to go by.

First up there’s Lyre’s with its 0% ‘Prosecco’ Lyre’s Classico. Non-alcoholic wines are widely acknowledged as being incredibly tricky to get right, but, in the lead up to Christmas, the entrance of a big name like Lyre’s into the non-alcoholic wine sector will be sure to set the cat among the pigeons with the competition.

Then there’s Sobour, which its creator Spirits of Virtue is hoping will be able to steal share with teetotal or moderating shoppers whose taste in spirits is darker than the vast swathe of gin and vodka alternatives on the market. It will debut later this month with a surprisingly large range of two whisky-style drinks and two premixed cocktail RTDs. Rivals will no doubt be watching closely.

The message from these launches? That the low & no sector is entering a new era when it comes to product development – and no sub-sector of drinks is out of the question.
So what’s in this newsletter?

First up, The Grocer zeroes in on the hottest low & no NPD hitting the market. Then Beverage Daily examines how alcohol free brands are lighting up social media.

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