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Brewers have been at each other’s throats over how to label low and non-alcoholic beers for some time. And now, with recent growth in non-alcoholic spirits, the debate is spreading to pastures new.

So much so, that the Wine & Spirits Trade Association last month moved to crack down on “confusion” with new guidance for suppliers. For drinks with a maximum abv of 1.2%, which are created using a distillate base or containing a defined spirit as an “influencing ingredient”, it recommends suppliers should refer to the presence of that spirit in the brand name, such as “low-alcohol spirit made with gin”. Drinks with no alcohol in them, meanwhile, should have no mention of any alcoholic drink in their name, it continues.

This may prove controversial, because many brands are keen to play up their drinks as a like for like replacement for gin, vodka or rum. Associating a brand with a classic cocktail or a serve also makes it easier for shoppers to understand how to mix and approach them.

And so the debate rages on…

So what’s in this newsletter?

First up, The Grocer takes a look at NPD in the sector and shines a light on recent M&A and investment news. Then Beverage Daily examines how cocktail drinkers are moving outside their comfort zones – and the potential benefits for low and non-alcoholic drinks.

The Low2NoBev exhibition will take place at London’s Old Truman Brewery from 9 - 10 June 2021. For more information visit low2nobev.com

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