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 First things first: because of the ongoing coronavirus situation, the inaugural Low2NoBev show has been postponed until 9-10 June 2021. It will now take place at the venue we had initially planned for it – The Old Truman Brewery in London.

With the hospitality sector effectively closed down and much uncertainty in the market, we have chosen not to proceed with the event this year. It is not a decision taken lightly, but we feel this is the best way to keep our visitors and exhibitors safe, and provide the best possible experience when the show does take place.

Thankfully the low and non-alcoholic drinks sector has shown vigour and resilience during the crisis. And shoppers’ enthusiasm shows no signs of waning. We have no doubt better times are ahead.

Interestingly, this month saw a boom in hard seltzer launches in the UK. Hard seltzer – essentially boozy sparkling water – may arguably not fall within the boundaries of what we call low-alcohol, but make no mistake, the burgeoning category’s low-calorie promises play to the same broader health trend. Retailers and suppliers are betting on it being a success, with many listings across the UK’s supermarkets.

Whether it will complement or compete with more traditional lower-alcohol options remains to be seen.

So what’s in this newsletter?

First, Beverage Daily looks at the phenomenal worldwide growth of 0% smash hit brand Seedlip. Then The Grocer has the latest in exciting NPD.

The Low2NoBev exhibition will take place at London’s Old Truman Brewery from 9 – June 2021. For more information visit low2nobev.com


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