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How much are Brits really willing to pay for non-alcoholic drinks? We could soon be about to find out. Costs are surging across the entire food and drink industry, and non-alcoholic producers are by no means exempt.

Take June’s news that hop prices have gone through the roof to the point that growers are urging brewers to renegotiate already contracted hops to save their skin. Non-alcoholic brewers may not share the duty burden with booze, but they share many of the same commodities, for which the outlook is grim.

Getting a price increase through with a retailer or hospitality operator is getting trickier, too. As is communicating, if necessary, why your prices are going up to consumers.

There are still reasons to be cheerful, though. Such as the level of innovation and investment in the sector. Even amid the chaos wreaking its way through the supply chain, brands are still finding ways to keep shoppers engaged and delighted.

So what’s in this newsletter?

First up, The Grocer looks at NPD and commodities. Then Beverage Daily looks at trends from a global perspective. Finally Big Hospitality shines a light on how the on-trade is faring post-covid.

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